THE INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR CULTURAL LANDSCAPES STUDIES (CISPC) was founded in 2002 in order to promote research activity and training in the field of cultural heritage, with particular emphasis on the protection and promotion of landscape resources and the interrelationship between the various themes of urban and regional planning.
During the course of it existence, the CENTER has broadened its objectives to include consulting services for public and private entities within Italy, as well as internationally. These services include program definition and projects focused on local development activities that are based on the recognition of the landscape as a beneficial communal resource.
The CENTER collaborates with national and international institutions in the sponsorship of training activities and cultural events benefiting from the collaboration of young researchers and experts from various disciplines.


The CENTER develops research and projects principally related to: the relationships that exist between the themes of local development and the accurate valorization of cultural resources; the evaluation of regional management tools and their resulting effects on the transformation of the landscape. The CENTER also coordinates and supports interdisciplinary initiative meetings (conferences, study sessions, seminars) for defining innovative methods to address the variety of issues related to the landscape that arise out of regional planning activities.
The CENTER'S fields of interest are broad, primarily addressing: urban and regional planning; restoration of degraded landscapes; evaluation of the involvement of human actions in the transformation of the landscape; the historical evolution of the city and the region; the identification and valorization of tangible and intangible cultural resources in order to ensure the effective communication of the intrinsic value of a place.


The CENTER develops didactic activities for advancement, organization of workshops, intensive seminars, and internships. In addition, the CENTER allows young Italian and international academics to develop research experience through participation in the projects coordinated by the CENTER itself. Additional information related to these opportunities is available in the events area of this site.


The CENTER is the benificiary of an archive of thesis projects and a small document center that collects materials and thesis work related to the research activities developed through the CENTER. The Library is accessible by appointment.